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Exclusive tailormade designs – Singular lighting


One of Riperlamp's major successes has been to know how to unite the creative capacities of our own Technical Office and Design Department with our production capacities. By uniting these two factors we are able to offer exclusive designs to make special models, complying with the quality standards and delivery deadlines, and adapting to the needs of our customers, decorators, interior designers, architects, etc.


Designs manufactured with high quality materials (such as bronze) and worked with the exquisite craftsmanship techniques conferring them an added value and enhancing luminaire to the level of jewels.


We combine styles, classic, neoclassic and modern, providing our customers a wide range of solutions and supporting them with our technical assistance service.


As soon as we receive the project from the customer, our technical department drafts a design and its budget, and also offers the possibility of providing a 3D rendering, for the final acceptance by the client.


Prior to the development of the project and in order to carry it out, our technicians can travel to the destination.


We can also install it once the project has been developed.


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