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Is the trademark belonging to Grupo Riperlamp dedicated to the development of special and tailor-made products with all the guarantees of a product with the highest quality standards, personalised attention and delivery deadlines.


With R&C you can fulfil all your creative requirements and achieve adapting them better to your environment, both in classical and ornamental lighting, and in modern lighting, outdoor lighting and public and private areas.


We place at the disposal of the project a team of experts in:


  1. Product engineering and design.
    • Specific rules.
    • Special Specifications.
    • Installation engineering.
    • Planning of Large Project.
    • Technicians in Special Execution.
    • Installation and maintenance

  2. We can therefore offer you an added value on all the stages of the project: we provide support from its initial drafting on paper, until managing the optimum operation; we can work for you in the Design, Assessment, Planning, Execution and Service of the project.

  3. Among other services we offer the possibility of providing a 3D rendering of the project to be performed.


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