3 Wonderful Castle Hotels of the World

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It is frequent that some castles that are in private hands end up becoming charming hotels. Thanks to this, we have wonderful castle hotels in the world where you can stay and live a different experience, imagining how the first inhabitants of these premises may have felt.

There are many types of castle hotels. Some have been renovated and preserve the essence of the past but with all the comforts of modern life. Others have frozen time as far as possible, keeping all the original elements they could to provide a greater authenticity to the place.

Of course, we also find castle hotels that are one hundred percent modern and have been created to give the sensation of being old and majestic, but we know that they are modern buildings.

In any of them, the decoration is fundamental to create that atmosphere that you want to transmit to the clients and that makes them leave the lodging totally satisfied, thus becoming the best ambassadors of their facilities when talking about them to their friends, in their social networks or in the specialized pages in hotels.

Ashford Castle

This castle converted into a hotel is located in County Mayo, Ireland. If you fall in love with what you see, you can rent one of its rooms for an approximate price of 550 euros a night, which includes the possibility of enjoying its elegant spa.

Its rooms have the stately look you would expect from a castle. With views of the gardens and even of a beautiful lake, its decoration is exquisite and classic. The canopy beds, the vaulted windows, the bathroom with marble and stone in all its pieces, or the carefully chosen decorative details make staying in this place an absolutely exquisite experience.

The common areas make us think of other times, with their classic furniture, their worked woods, and the precious lamps that illuminate the rooms giving them a very special light. The dining rooms and the tea room deserve a special mention.

Everything fits perfectly into this select environment that will make you feel as if you were traveling back in time from the first moment you see the building from outside. However, there is no lack of modernity within its walls, as all the rooms have a good Wi-Fi connection.

The castle’s beautiful gardens are the ideal setting for weddings and other celebrations, so it’s not uncommon to come across classic Irish pipers hired to liven up some of these events.

Monterone Castle

An impressive restored 13th-century castle with an enviable location on a hill from which you can see Perugia. For just over 600 euros it is possible to spend a night in one of its rooms.

The rooms of this castle make you feel as if you were in medieval times. Stone walls, exposed wooden beams, and vaults on the ceiling of some of the bedrooms, as well as furniture very much in keeping with the period.

Very romantic and with a restaurant that offers panoramic views, this hotel has very striking details rescued from the original decoration of the castle. Even some of the parts that were destroyed still preserve certain walls that make it retain much of its essence.

Accommodation with a lot of character in which to feel like a real medieval lord or lady ready to enjoy an afternoon of jousts in the gardens of the property.

The Castle Hotel

Let’s talk about something totally different now, we mean the Castle Hotel. In spite of its stately and ancient appearance and the fact that it seems to be located in the heart of Europe, we are in Dalian, China and it was built in 2005. A night in this impressive hotel costs just over 400 euros if we settle for its simpler rooms.

This hotel is impressive from a distance and, on entering, its great staircase stands out with the previous common area perfectly decorated with matching elements. It is difficult to know exactly where to look because everything in it is striking and very luxurious.

The rooms all have fantastic views and large windows to enjoy them, as well as a dreamlike bathroom that is sometimes joined to the room by French glass doors.

A place that is designed so that those who visit it feels in an atmosphere of maximum luxury, with all the comforts both technological and of any other type. A castle that, without being really a castle only in its appearance, is undoubtedly a unique and very impressive place that will not leave any of its visitors indifferent and that deserves to be in the list of our wonderful hotel-castle in the world.