5 classic decoration ideas that you will love this 2021

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On this occasion, we are going to offer those classic decoration ideas that you will fall in love with this 2021. Lovers of classic decoration are in luck this year, as it is once again in fashion. Classical-inspired lamps, with crystals, ornaments, and even pendants, are perfect for any occasion. 

But those of us who enjoy this type of decoration know well that, regardless of the trends, this type of decoration never goes out of style. That is why we are going to look at five classic home decoration ideas that can be put into practice in this coming year.

Dream environments

Home is one of the most endearing places in the house. If you are lucky enough to have a nice fireplace to light a fire in, don’t hesitate to enhance this place with a beautiful decoration that does it justice

A nice set of pieces for the fire and a protector for the embers will give prominence to your home. Place a good sofa or several armchairs next to the fire and you will see how it will become a comfortable and cosy place to enjoy a good chat with family or friends.

A large hanging lamp in the living room

The living room of a house that wants to be stylish and elegant has to be the most impressive piece of the whole. And one of the ways to achieve this is with a classic style hanging lamp like the ones you can find in our catalogue.

The size of this one, both in terms of diameter and hanging, has to be per the space of the living room. In this way, everything will be well accommodated and the whole will have that special balance that only the most attractive places have from the decoration point of view.


A console with a clock at the entrance

The decoration of the entrance of a house has to be very careful since it is the first thing that all the guests who arrive at the house will see. A perfect classic decoration can be the set formed by a classic console, in worked brass and a beautiful clock on it. Not only is it a beautiful decoration, but it is also very practical as you can check the time before leaving or entering.

We have a careful selection of entry consoles in different styles in our catalogue. In total, three families of our products have consoles, some available in different sizes. A nice mirror can also be placed to give more light to the entrance.

Beautiful ceiling lights in the living room

The living room is the most informal space in the house, where we like to feel more comfortable and a little more relaxed. That is why the decoration must also have that comfort without having to give up the elegance of a classic style of decoration.

While in the living room the large lamps stand out, in the living room we can play with classic ceiling lights that give them presence without the characteristic majesty of hanging lamps. You can also opt for the classical style recessed lights, especially if the room has a reduced size and you want to give it a lighter appearance than that provided by the ceiling.

Classic wall lights on both sides of the bathroom mirror

A classic touch that always looks great and gives the bathroom a different, more sophisticated, and much classier look. Use a beautiful brass mirror in your bathroom with classic wall lights on both sides instead of the classic plastic mirrors with spotlights of the same material. 

Immediately, your bathroom will be gaining in elegance and you’ll have given it a very different touch. If you put matching recessed fixtures in the ceiling and a light switch that matches the style, you’ll have a luxury bathroom. 

You can make these classic decoration ideas that you will love this 2021 come true with the products in our catalogue. We invite you to discover them and to create your personalized designs for the home or your business.