5 reasons to install LED flush mounting in your home

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Are you thinking of installing LED lamps in your home? Without a doubt it is a very good option to include in the decoration of your home. First of all, because this type of light offers a modern and unique atmosphere. Besides, they can be the main lights that illuminate all the rooms of your house and they are perfect in homes where the ceilings are not excessively high.  

Although it is true that they can also be lights that are used as a support for the main ones, which light up areas that are darker or to create different atmospheres, such as, for example, to separate the dining area, with a large lamp on the main table, from the living area. 

Let’s see the main reasons why it will be a good idea to install LED recessed lights in your home.

5 reasons to install LED recessed fixtures at home


#1. Economy

LED lights have a really low consumption. Even compared to those that until now were called energy-saving lights. In some cases, they can spend exactly half of the light, so the savings on the bill will be quite considerable.

While an energy-saving bulb lasts approximately 15,000 hours, an LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours. But, above all, you will save yourself from having to change them, especially if you have tall recessed fixtures or in places that are not convenient for replacement. 

Perhaps, translated into money, the savings offered by these LED recessed lights are not so significant. But if we look at it from a sustainable point of view, betting on this type of lights has great positive implications on the environment. It is a question of an ecological and responsible attitude.

#2. Temperature

Another advantage of LED flush-mounted fixtures is the temperature. Unlike classic lights, they do not emit heat and therefore do not influence the temperature of the home. Other bulbs used for recessed fixtures can give off so much heat that they affect the comfort of those in the vicinity. But this is not the case with LED lights.

To prove it, something very simple, is to touch an LED bulb when it has been on for a long time. You’ll see that you can do it perfectly without any human risk.  

#3. Architecture

LED recessed fixtures can be adapted to the architecture of any home. There are homes in which adaptation works have been carried out that have forced the creation of a false ceiling, which prevents large lamps from being unviable, even when there are large spaces. 

In the case of lamps being viable, because they allow sufficient distance from people, it happens that visually they shorten the room, making the ceiling appear even lower. The LED lights in our recessed lights allow to adapt to the architecture of the house, illuminating low rooms, either completely or in specific areas where the ceiling is lower than usual. 


#4. Styling

The LED recessed luminaires in our catalogue fit in very well with classic styles as their designs are traditional. However, for certain types of interiors, they are much more suitable than lamps, for example to combine a modern air with traditional brushstrokes or to play with contrasting styles. 

By offering LED recessed lights in addition to classic lamps, we open up the range of possibilities and allow different aesthetics to be achieved that adapt to each home. Playing with two types of lighting is much easier. 

#5. Orientation of the light

One of the advantages of LED recessed luminaires is that the light can be oriented. The direction in which the LED light points is chosen by the person, as it can be moved to achieve the ideal combination for each room. They can even be changed according to the moment if desired. 

For example, if these recessed lights are placed in a lower part of the living room, they can be aimed at the sofa to provide light while enjoying a coffee, or they can be directed to the side when you want an indirect light style for watching a movie.

With all these reasons for installing LED downlights in your home, it’s hard to resist. Above all because in our catalogue you can find very different models that adapt to your tastes, the style of your home and the rest of the lamps or lighting elements.