Why choose classic wall lights for your hotel

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Still not sure why to choose classic wall lights for your hotel? There are many reasons for this, which have to do with the light itself, but also with the decoration, style or atmosphere that you are looking for in each area of the hotel. 

In our catalogue you can find all kinds of lighting elements, from large, classic and very elegant ceiling lights to classic matching wall lights, recessed lights or floor lights so that each environment has the most suitable point of light.

This allows you to have everything you need to light the hotel within the same catalogue, and you can even buy elements from the same family so that everything is perfectly combined. And not only lamps, but also some equally important decoration items that will help to achieve the best atmosphere.

That is why Riperlamp is a reference brand for decorators and interior designers who know the trends in interior decoration to achieve an establishment with an elegant and impeccable classic decoration. Our products can be seen in some of the most important classic hotels in many of our cities and are very appreciated.

They can be matched with the lamps

We have already said that we have different families within our catalogue. This makes it very easy to combine the lighting elements. Wall lights such as the Thames or the Danube have large lamps from the same collection, which provide common elements so that everything is perfectly combined.

But, even if you do not want so much uniformity, it is possible to make other combinations since the classic, traditional, elegant and sophisticated style of our wall lights can be adapted to many different models of our lamps. You only have to look for those that fit into the plan planned for the establishment.

This offers a wide range of possibilities so that each decoration expert can choose the most suitable pieces for each room and manage to give it a different personality, but always within the same aesthetic line. Thus, the hotel guest will notice differences from one stay to another, but will perceive the same spirit throughout the establishment marked by this traditional and classic decorative line.


They allow to illuminate areas where there are shadows

Our classic wall lights are perfect to complete the lighting of a hotel in those areas where shadows appear. For example, halls with one or several large main lamps distributed along the ceiling, but towards the corners or sides you can see darker areas. By placing wall lights in these areas, the whole room is given the same amount of light.

Some hotels have corners and areas that are far from the central lighting, such as the corridors leading to the bathrooms, rooms or lifts. In this type of area, the wall lights are ideal because they not only illuminate the corridor, but also, placed at the entrance, they are a kind of sign that indicates where the other rooms are. 

In the bathrooms, since we are talking about them, the wall lights are ideal to be placed on both sides of the mirror, offering quality of light and a unique atmosphere for the toilet area. A detail that will mark the difference with respect to other establishments and that the client will know how to appreciate without a doubt. Especially if they are accompanied by other matching details, such as the soap dish or the towel bar.

They are a fantastic form of indirect lighting

Wall lights are a great way to offer indirect lighting, more intimate and attractive for certain places. For example, for corners of the restaurant which are far from the central space in which the lamps are placed. They offer very discreet tables, with a softer illumination, perfect for a romantic dinner or to be able to enjoy a nice conversation while enjoying the menu of the place.

In hotels, these wall lights are used in many spaces, such as in the corridors, where there must be enough light to be able to move around comfortably and without being disturbed by its intensity, especially at night. The wall lights offer this soft and indirect illumination that is expected in this type of spaces.

We also find these wall lights in hotel rooms, as indirect light to watch TV or to switch on at night to go to the bathroom. It is combined with a ceiling light together with the obligatory security lights in these bedrooms.

Now you know why to choose classic wall lights for your hotel lighting. There are many uses for them and you will get a lot out of them, both to get the best light and to achieve the best illumination.