Elements that will turn a simple hotel room into a premium

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Turning a simple hotel room into a premium room can be a matter of big pieces or simple details. These are the kinds of things that, when we enter a room, make us feel that we are in a place that is cared for, where there is class. And that’s before we look at all the elements that will confirm that first impression.

In the same way, sometimes we can enter a room and see that everything is in order: good furniture, a comfortable bed, some very nice wooden floors… but something is missing. Those little touches are missing that have just made the room a premium place for which we would be willing to pay a little more.

Let’s see what elements can make this difference and turn a good, but simple, hotel room into a premium one that anyone would want to access, and that will make us feel special and in a place that pleases us in all its details.

A personalized ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamps are one of the first details you notice in a room. Their importance is such that as soon as you enter it, it is one of the first things you see, along with the bed. A quality lamp, in tones that match the rest of the room’s decoration and that, is also in the right place to illuminate the whole room well is, without a doubt, the biggest difference between a simple hotel room and a premium room.

Our lamps are manufactured in up to three different sizes so that they can be adapted to different rooms and lounges. But they also come in different finishes to fit in with the room’s décor. What is not negotiable is the quality of the lamps and the raw material they are made of, which makes the room look better as soon as they are hung.

But we can go even further. As you can see in our catalogue, ceiling lamps are divided into different families and some of them have other matching elements, such as table lamps or wall lights to illuminate the rest of the room. This way, you can get a totally matching and perfectly coordinated set that will be a lesson in good taste for those who see it.

Although we have other products, lighting is our forte and that is why we are convinced that any of our lamps will make a hotel room shine with its own light in every sense of the word.

High-quality mechanisms

There are details that some decorators don’t notice, but for others, they are key to making a difference. A good example is a mechanism of the keys to the light, which may seem a minor detail but, when taken care of, become a sign of identity and a demonstration of good taste.

A quality mechanism, with good materials, with details of personalization and with a very careful and beautiful design adds many points in the overall decoration of the room. And, although it is true that they will not stand out at first as much as the ceiling lamp does, they will be noticed when we want to turn it on and look for the switch to do so, finding this accessory that we will love to see there.

You only have to think about the difference between finding one of the quality mechanisms that we have in our catalogue and the ordinary plastic pieces that are found in most hotels and that totally lack personality or elegance.

Designer bathroom accessories

The bathroom is a very important part of the bedroom. So important that many travelers enter to see it even before they notice the room. The bathroom can make a difference and make the guest feel at home in a luxury space or in a room without more.

That’s why we’ve taken care to bring out a range of bathroom accessory products that can give it that subtle but important touch that will make it space the traveler is looking for. The towel bars, with matching finishes to other pieces, such as the hooks for the shower towels or the bathrobe, are a good example.

These accessories will not only make the bathroom experience more comfortable but will also add a lot of glamour to the overall décor, raising the status of the décor and making it more selective and stylish.

Now that you know some of the tricks that will turn a simple hotel room into a premium one, you can contact us and give your hotel that touch that will make it a luxury destination for any traveler who wants to stay in a charming place where every detail is taken care of.