How lighting influences the decoration of your hotel

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Knowing how lighting influences the decoration of your hotel will help you choose the perfect hotel lamps for your business and achieve that atmosphere you really want for your establishment. An environment where customers feel comfortable and where the investment made in decoration is rewarded with a good image of the premises.

Lighting is important not only for the common areas, where the decorative lamps are really the protagonists, but also in the rooms, where guests should feel rested and comfortable. Without a doubt, this will differentiate your accommodation from the competition.

Interior designers understand more and more the importance that light can have in decoration and take it more into account. Therefore, they not only look for the best hotel lamps, but also take into account their placement or the different points of light to highlight the spaces and create a warmer atmosphere in those selected.

You can make rooms look bigger

Good hotel lighting can make any stay look much bigger. If used well, light can provide an optical feeling of spaciousness, especially when combined with the right colors in walls and upholstery.

Hotel lamps, combined with other accessory lighting such as wall lights, will make any room look brighter, cleaner and more pleasant for guests.

The perfect lighting will create a very cozy atmosphere

One of the greatest charms that a hotel can have for its guests are those slightly hidden corners that create an almost magical atmosphere by themselves. A small space in the garden with a very warm bench to sit on at night to relax or reading chairs with matching design lamps dotted along the corridors or halls.

Any space can be perfect if it is decorated with grace and the right lighting. If the hotel has a fireplace, relaxing areas can be created around it to enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate in the winter. In order to enjoy the crackling of the flames, decorative lamps should combine a warm light with a medium intensity, which encourages relaxed and relaxed conversation.


A dining room with different rooms and different atmospheres

A hotel dining room can have a large main hall presided over by large designer lamps that perfectly illuminate the room with a tone of natural light. This great hall will be the one for the main meals and the one for the celebrations.

But there can also be small private spaces in which other atmospheres can be created. For example, reserved very pleasant for small groups in which to chat in greater intimacy or even celebrate a romantic evening.

The warm and not too intense light is adequate to give this room that touch of intimacy. To create it, nothing better than wall lights that offer a nice indirect light and that fit with the big design lamps of the main room.

This environment is perfect for the evening, but perhaps at noon those who frequent the dining room are business men and women who have business lunches and exchange information while eating. In these cases, ceiling lights with natural tones and a certain intensity is the most appropriate because it will allow them to work while enjoying their dishes.

With light intensity regulators and the use of ceiling lights and wall lights, these different effects can be achieved for the reserved ones during the day and at night.


Placing the lights correctly will allow you to choose environments in the bedroom

Hotel room lighting is especially important. It has to fulfil at least four functions.

1- Lighting the entire room. This is usually done by using a ceiling lamp to match the rest of the hotel lighting.

2- Intimate and relaxed atmosphere. For that usually has some wall lights that provide indirect light. A perfect type of light to watch TV, chat or drink something quietly.

3- Security light for when someone gets up at night. It can be a permanently on light or one that can be turned on and off to the guest’s liking. It is a small light, enough to orient itself in the room without disturbing the companion.

4-The reading light. There is usually one on each side of the double bed or on each individual bed. It is oriented to be able to read without being disturbed by the other person who may be sleeping next to it.

These are some examples of how lighting influences the decoration of your hotel. With them it is easy to understand how important it is to get the image you want for your business.