Ideas to renew with class the decoration of your hotel

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Today, more than ever, good ideas are needed to renovate the decoration of your hotel with class. It is clear that the number of tourists has fallen this year, but not all establishments will feel the same. An elegant, classy and distinguished hotel has a very loyal public that will move around knowing that they will be treated impeccably with hygiene and safety measures.

Surprising at this time with a renewal of image can make new customers inclined to our hotel, attracted by a more elegant image. This will allow us to maintain the same working rhythm or with the least possible difference.

All customers like changes, but if these are made within the elegance and style that are the business card of the establishment, even better. And in Riperlamp we are specialists in decorating this type of hotel, where class and elegance are what characterizes and distinguishes it from the rest.

5 ideas to renew the decoration of your hotel

We’re going to put together ideas for a classy renovation of your hotel’s décor in five important and related areas. And of course, taking into account the type of materials in which we specialize and make a difference to your establishment

1- Change the lamps

Ceiling lamps are a very important element in the decoration of a hotel and therefore changing them will have a strong impact on the image of the hotel. Renewing the image of a hotel with higher quality lamps, personalized and chosen according to that new style that you want to give, will be an excellent way to transform the business.

2- Add wall lights and auxiliary lights

The wall lights and the auxiliary lights must match the central lights. If they are already in the shop, they must be all renewed at the same time. If they do not exist, it is time to study the lighting of the establishment to see where the lighting could be reinforced with a wall lamp or an auxiliary lamp. It must be taken into account that, in certain cases, it will not only be a question of reinforcing the points of light and avoiding shadows, but also the weight that these elements have as part of the decoration.


3- Renew the mechanisms

And if you change lamps and light fixtures, it is also time to renew the mechanisms to give an extra point of class to any establishment. With these mechanisms, everything is perfectly matched. The sensation of luxury and glamour will increase, making everything perfect and making the customer feel that not a single detail is missing in the new decoration. The hotel is going to gain a lot of points with this type of detail which, although it may seem the opposite, customers always notice.


4- Renew the bathroom accessories

In the same line of care for details, there are bathroom accessories. A coat hanger or a soap dish that matches the rest of the decorative elements in the room will give this room that extra touch of class that you won’t find in other establishments and that will undoubtedly make a difference. In the world of luxury hotels, surprising guests is not easy because they are used to the best. These details, which not everyone notices, can be the ones that tip the balance in favour of an establishment where it is made clear that decoration is something very important and that nothing is left to chance.


5- Add small details to bring flirtatious corners to life

It happens at home and also in big hotels. There are corners and spaces where it is not possible to get use out of them, so it is necessary to dress them so that everything looks perfect. A piece of wall between a partition and a column can be just that, or it can be transformed into a very cosy corner thanks to a console with a nice clock on it or a mirror that gives a sensation of depth. A way to win in decoration without anything being seen too much.

With these ideas to renew with class the decoration of your hotel you will achieve that your clients, no matter how demanding they are, end up satisfied and convinced that they have made an excellent choice when they have chosen your establishment among the great offer available.