Keys to light up a commercial business

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The keys to lighting a commercial business involve studying various factors, from where the points of light are going to be located to the colour or intensity of the light. Last but not least, we must also take into account the type of lamp chosen, which must be in accordance with the type of decoration and the atmosphere of the establishment.

A well-lit business will attract customers and will manage to highlight the most important aspects of it. The treatment given to light in an optic is not the same as in a bookstore, nor is it the same when it has a classic or modern decoration. 

You also have to learn to use natural light when it is available and this is very interesting from an architectural and interior design point of view. However, in spaces with a lot of natural light you must know how to install the light points that guarantee perfect lighting when it is difficult to achieve.


The location of the points of light

The location of the light points is chosen according to how the interior space of the establishment will be distributed. From the moment the customer enters, the type of impression to be sent with a type of lighting must be transmitted to him, so the reception area must be perfectly lit with a direct point of light.

The counter area must also have a more direct area, as this is where the customer will receive their articles or make their payments. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to see perfectly. 

No areas should be left in the shade, so that, in addition to the main lights in the ceiling, additional light points can be placed, such as recessed lights, to help everything to be perfectly illuminated. Our recessed lights allow you to direct the light towards a specific point, achieving the desired effect at a decorative and practical level. 

The type of light

There are three main types of light: natural light, also known as neutral light, white light, which can also be called cold light, and yellow or warm light. Normally, cold light is not used in establishments because it is not very welcoming and has too high an intensity. 

Daylight is perfect for most businesses because it is the most similar to sunlight. In the case of clothing shops, for example, it allows you to see colours in a very realistic way, so it is the most used in spaces such as fitting rooms. 

As for the warm light, it gives a lot of intimacy and is used especially in businesses where the client is looking for a very cosy atmosphere, such as a bookstore or a café where there is a quiet area to chat. 

The intensity of the light must also be taken into account, and it must be the right one so that the whole room is well lit and there is no feeling of darkness.  

Nowadays, LED lighting is the most used for all kinds of businesses because it offers a high quality light with a very low consumption. As it is also a light that does not emit heat, it does not influence the temperature of the space even when there are many lamps on at the same time. And there is no need to worry about consumption or changing bulbs, as the duration of each one is much longer than any other type of bulb.


The lamps

Now that we know which types we want, their intensity and where we need points of light, we only have to choose the perfect lamps for each place. And if you are looking for classic, elegant and sophisticated lamps, you can find them in our catalogue.

The lamps in our collection are designed to give a lot of personality to any establishment and, although they are classic and designed for more traditional and elegant atmospheres, they also coordinate perfectly with modern decorations. 

They can even offer a stylish contrast with a very modern atmosphere, especially models such as the Rialto, which are totally timeless and up-to-date. Or those that combine ceramics with metal, such as the Cora model, a type of lamp that we can currently see as one of the trends with the greatest projection in recent seasons.

With these keys to illuminate a commercial business you will achieve a perfect atmosphere and the light will fulfil its main role: to illuminate the room correctly and also provide an interesting nuance to the decoration.