Keys to lighting up a bar successfully

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Let’s talk about the keys to lighting up a successful bar. They say that we live in the country with the most bars per inhabitant. But that does not always translate into quality in the establishments. There are many stylish, elegant bars and places where you want to take a very special person or where you can enjoy a good meal with your friends.

Therefore, if your desire is to have a successful bar, the first thing you should do is stand out from what most offer and bet on a select and refined place that others do not offer. In this way, you will attract a very special and loyal public that will recognise your establishment as a place worth going to.

The decoration of the premises will be key when it comes to attracting a very specific type of public. Here, the lighting plays a very important role as it will have a significant impact on the atmosphere that is projected from the establishment. Therefore, we offer you some keys to choose it correctly.

Lighting well integrated into the decorative style

If you have the help of a decorator or an interior designer this will raise an important question and that is what kind of premises you want to have. It is not the same to decorate a nightclub as one that works all day and will have to be adapted to different times.

Whatever the choice, the lighting must be integrated into the decorative style. Lamps and lighting elements are part of the decoration and in an elegant and chic place these elements have to be as well. But, in addition, the light itself is part of the decoration. Its intensity, warmth and the number of points of light will depend, to a great extent, on the style of the room and the use it will be put to.


Different areas, different lighting

If the premises are large, you can have different areas that will also have different lighting. For example, you can have an area with high tables designed for groups, comfortable because they allow some people to sit and others to stand according to their taste. This is an option for those people who are not in the premises for too long.

There may be another area more reserved for groups who want to settle in and enjoy some nice sofas and a good conversation after dinner, for example. Even with places designed for couples who are looking for a more intimate corner where they can chat without so much noise and enjoy a drink while they get to know each other better. Each area will need a different type of lighting and while the first fast room may have more light and intensity, in this one the light will be warmer and softer providing more intimacy.

Avoid these mistakes in the lighting of your bar

Just as there are choices that are a sure-fire winner, there are others that can spoil the efforts made to achieve a perfect environment. These are some of the most common:

Lighting that directly affects the client’s face. This type of lighting is very annoying because it can dazzle. Avoid these points of light, especially in the bathroom, when people come to touch up or make sure they are perfect.

Buy lamps that are not compatible with LED bulbs. The taste for lamps with a classic and elegant touch does not have to mean turning your back on modernity. A place that is open to the public for many hours has a significant expenditure on lighting. So having LED lamps is very important to save money on the bill at the end of the month. That is why, when you buy any lighting element, you must make sure that it is compatible with these lights.

The “I want and I can’t”. If you want your premises to look really elegant you have to invest in high quality decorative elements and that includes the lighting elements. The lamps that look a lot but do not have enough quality, in the medium term they are very expensive.

These are some of the keys to light a successful bar and attract the best customers in the city to put themselves in the top of places to visit in your area of influence.