Lighting to encourage shopping in your shop

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When you are in charge of the decoration of your establishment, light up to encourage shopping in your shop. In this way, when a customer approaches your shop, you will make them fall in love with the window and feel curious enough to go inside. Once there, they should feel that they are immersed in a very pleasant space, in which it is easy for them to find their way around and with an atmosphere that invites them to stay, to observe and to be curious.

Lighting in the shop windows

In a shop, the business card is the showcase. It must be lit up brightly enough so that everything inside can be seen without too much effort. In the event that there are many objects in a shop window or that it is very large, the points of light can make the customer’s attention focus on those star products that are most interesting to see, such as novelties or unique and very special pieces.

The type of light will vary depending on what you want to sell. A clothing shop or a jewellery shop always bets on warm and relaxing lights, but when selling technology, intense and very cold lights are the most suitable.

It is very important that the shop window has a close relationship with the type of establishment in question. If you sell high-end designer clothes and jewellery and the interior of the establishment is decorated in a classic and very elegant way, the window should follow exactly the same line and show that type of product. Otherwise, the buyer would be disappointed to enter and see that the shop does not correspond to the image shown from outside.

Therefore, the decorative style must be coordinated with the atmosphere created inside the shop to create a unique and exclusive decorative atmosphere.


Light marketing

So important is light in a shop that there is so-called light marketing, which is responsible for studying the architecture of the point of sale from the point of view of light. The intensity of the lighting, the places where the lamps and other lighting objects are placed, the direction in which they point and also the tone or colour influence the customer’s willingness to buy.

Light is a very important resource to make the buyer’s attention go to a certain point, but also to create an atmosphere that can influence the buyer’s mood and make him/her feel more positive and eager to purchase some item.

Moreover, this can even be a way of positioning oneself from an ecological point of view. For this reason, there are already large chains that have installed sensors so that the intensity of their lights depends on whether or not there are people in the shop, and can save up to 80% in intensity when there are no customers inside. In this way, it avoids wasting resources at times when they are not necessary, focusing consumption and the use of light when it is really needed.

The areas of an establishment

Light helps to define the different areas of an establishment. If there are corridors inside, it marks them so that customers know where they have to move. But it also has other very important functions.

For example, it can help to highlight a certain area that we want all customers to visit and where we have, for example, novelties or very special products. In this way, light is used as a resource to attract attention in an effective and subtle way.

It can also be differentiated by areas, such as the space where the customer moves around to browse and see what’s in the shop, and the reception area or counter. The latter should have a warmer, slightly softer and very welcoming light, while in the shopping area the intensity of the light will increase so that all the products can be seen.

In the case of fitting rooms, it is very important that there is enough light and that it is natural so that it does not influence the perception of colours. This is something that will prevent many customers from returning the items purchased when they see them on the street, because it does not correspond to the colour they were looking for.

Follow these tips, light to encourage the purchase in your shop and achieve many sales and a great success with your business.