Baroque, rococo or classic. What style of ceiling lights should you choose for your home decoration?

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Baroque, rococo or classic, which style of ceiling should you choose for your home decoration? We are going to help you solve this question by explaining the keys to these famous styles and giving you examples of which pieces of each style you can find in our extensive catalogue of decorative soffits.

Under the name of classic decoration, we refer to very different styles, such as baroque, rococo, or classicism, which is what the classic style is called. All of them have existed for many centuries and have been used even after they have passed their peak. But they are not identical styles. 

Baroque, rococo, or classicism could fit into any classic and very elegant home, but there will always be a more suitable option for each space and each type of home. As well as for the tastes of each owner. We give you all the keys to help you with your choice.

The keys to understanding the baroque style

Baroque was a style that had its moment of splendor in the 17th century and lasted until the beginning of the 18th century. It was characterized by exuberance and excess. In terms of decoration, Baroque pieces are highly worked and have a great deal of ornamentation and nuance. They enhance the sensation of luxury and glamour and, for this reason, are still used in very select environments.

After many years in which the decoration has been based on the most minimalist lines, this year the Baroque is once again a trend and, although it coexists with other styles, the beauty of its designs is beginning to be felt in many fields, including that of lighting. 

Baroque style ceiling lights are rich in details, such as our Albero family pieces or Vasilius ceiling lights available in both Swarovski and Asfour glass. These pieces are perfect for elegant rooms where class and good taste are distilled.


Rococo style

The rococo was the style that followed the baroque and for three decades it enjoyed great popularity. Especially in the decoration of the luxurious homes of the court and of the nobles of France at the time. It was a very elaborate style, with many nuances, even a little overdone, but with enough elegance and lightness not to be pretentious.

Today, we can find this style in very classy places, where great attention is paid to decorative details. Both within a decoration with rococo touches in general, and by including a single piece of this style to give it prominence and thus make it stand out.

The rococo style soffits in our catalogue have a good representative in the Agate soffit, of great beauty and sophistication, with ruby and sapphire style crystals. It is a type of ceiling that decorates the most elegant rooms. 

The originality of the Saint Petersburg ceiling fits also in what is understood as baroque lighting. It has a very special design that will make any room stand out for the beauty of its lighting thanks to its combination of transparent and colored beads.

Classic style

After the rise of the Baroque and Rococo, a style emerged that advocated greater simplicity, classicism, but without renouncing details, elegance, and sophistication in terms of decoration. Classical Greece and Rome inspire classicism, and we all know that in both empires they also enjoyed exquisite environments with very characteristic and beautiful decorations.

The classical style is committed to simpler lines than the Baroque, but equally rich in details. The quality of the elements used in the manufacture of the decorative elements is one of the keys to this style.

As far as soffits are concerned, our catalogue includes many worthy representatives of this style of decoration, such as the Leonardo soffit, inspired by the oldest Roman designs. One of the most elegant and beautiful soffits fits perfectly into any classy decoration.

The Tarasios design draws on the fountains of classical Greece. A seemingly simple design that, when we stop to look at it, we can appreciate a great deal of detail, especially in the high-quality brass work with which it is made.

With these brushstrokes that we have left on baroque, rococo, and classic, do you already know which style of ceiling tiles to choose for the decoration of your home? If you continue to have doubts, we can advise you so that you can find the ceiling that best fits and offer you different finishes and customizations to make your home unique.