Tricks to light up your house correctly

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Light is fundamental in the decoration of any space, but when we talk about the home, knowing the tricks to illuminate your house correctly is even more important. It doesn’t matter if the work is going to be done by yourself or by a professional. There are certain things that should be taken into account and that we should make sure, in case a decorator is involved, that they are on the list.

Light will help to highlight the furniture, the chosen shades on walls or textiles and create a greater sense of space. Used incorrectly, it will achieve the opposite, making the house appear dark, dull and very unwelcoming.

There are basic aspects of lighting and decoration that more or less everyone knows. For example, choosing lamps according to the size of the room, so that they do not look too small or too big.

The lamps and other lighting elements must also keep the same style of the house. A house of classic architecture requires a decoration in accordance and not an excessively modern decoration that is not coordinated with the spirit of the construction.

But there are other less known and equally important tricks that we are going to talk about next.

Always emphasize natural light

No matter how much importance is attached to lighting and decorative lamps in the home, natural light must always play a leading role. That is why, in large rooms with large windows, it is essential that the passage of light is enhanced during the hours of the day when natural lighting is possible.

That is why, when decorating the home, experts always take into account the location of the windows for the orientation of the spaces. Moreover, the living room or dining room is designed according to this light and not to the artificial one that can be placed.

After having made this design, the points where the lamps, wall lights and other artificial lighting elements will go are chosen, which will be in charge of giving another type of luminosity to the home when it is not possible to have the sunlight.


The main lighting is located in the ceiling

It is a maxim of classical lighting that continues to be valid today. Although some fashions advocated indirect lighting, having a main light in the ceiling is still the best option for light to be distributed evenly throughout the room. In addition, lamps will always be more elegant than LED spots, however modern they may seem.

It is important to avoid shadows and areas of darkness, as this is not only unattractive, but will make the room appear much smaller and even slightly neglected. In rooms with a lot of space, such as open living-dining areas, more than one ceiling lamp should be placed. But even, if necessary, you should have auxiliary lights that help the whole house to be equally illuminated and there are no shady corners.

The place where each light is placed is also important. In the living room it should be on the coffee table, in the dining room, on the table and, in a large living room, in the central area. This preference is not something whimsical, it has its reason for being and it is the way in which the light is best distributed and most comfortable.

Strategic light points for reading or other activities

If a professional is going to decorate your home, do not hesitate to tell him about those activities that you most like to do and for which you will need very specific points of light. It can be a corner for sewing and work, a place for reading to enjoy a novel or the newspaper or, perhaps, a space where you like to play board games.

The fact that the decorator knows abous means that he can create perfect spaces for them, with t these habit the type of light and intensity necessary for them to develop perfectly.

Even within the same room there can be different lighting options, such as ceiling lights for general use and another more indirect one for other activities such as watching TV or being in the bedroom.

With these tricks to illuminate your house correctly, you will get a cozy, beautiful home in which all the decoration and furniture will stand out. But also, a place where you can do all the daily activities with enough light and enjoying the best atmosphere.