What to keep in mind to decorate your hotel rooms with style

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It is usual to leave the decoration of a hotel to experts of interior design. To do this, it is necessary to know what the tastes are to set up any project. 

Of course, you can also choose an interior design expert whose projects are oriented towards a specific line that you already know in advance that you like and that will fit in with what you are looking for in the establishment. But, while the common areas of a hotel can be enjoyed by all types of clients, both those who are staying in the establishment and those who are just passing through and therefore allow a greater choice of styles. The rooms are exclusive for the guests and their decoration must be pampered to make them feel special and comfortable.

With this in mind, we have drawn up a shortlist of everything that needs to be taken into consideration when decorating hotel rooms with style. Where we have thought about how the new fashion trends can be included in the classic atmosphere that characterizes us and of which we are experts.

Betting on neutral tones

If you want your hotel to look modern and attractive, go for neutral tones. While a few years ago the most modern thing was to play with the brightest and most strident colors, now the modern thing is the most classic: neutrality. The sand tones, the earthy colors, the dark greys, and, also, the pastel shades are the trendy ones. 

This is an extra point for any room, as these types of colors provide the relaxation and comfort typical of a bedroom. This creates a space that invites you to relax and rest. A room that is, more than ever, an oasis in which to forget all the problems and enjoy a holiday or a break after a day of work and meetings.

These shades can be used for any corner or element such as walls or textiles. Besides, they can be combined with very cosy and warm wooden floors, which will help to give a special touch to each of the hotel rooms. 

In this range of colors it is very easy to combine elements such as the mechanisms of our catalogue, which fit perfectly in this type of soft and neutral decorations. 


Complements to make the room cosy

Complements are essential for a room to be welcoming. They provide different textures and finishes. A good example is the bedspreads on which you can place cushions of different sizes and also other pieces that can be placed at the foot of the bed in contrasting tones to achieve greater personality and elegance. 

Wooden or marble floors can be even more beautiful with a large carpet on which the bed is placed to provide greater beauty and warmth in the decoration.  

Classic wall lights located in strategic places in the room help the bedroom to have the perfect indirect lighting to highlight all these decorative aspects. Wall lights that help to go to the bathroom during the night, providing a soft light to this space. Or even on the bed so you can read at night or have an indirect light to chat or watch TV before going to sleep.

Direct lighting, the key factor in making everything stand out

In addition to the factors we have discussed, among which we cannot fail to highlight indirect lighting, we must also discuss its opposite. Direct lighting is a very important factor in the room, as it is usually the first light that guests turn on. 

A nice classic lamp of the right size for the bedroom will be the perfect detail to make the room shine with its light. But don’t forget that the classic lamp also has its place in the bathroom. This is something new, but it is becoming more and more important in interior decoration. You have to choose a suitable lamp size, which is not uncomfortable with the pieces in the bathroom and which matches the decoration.

With these aspects to take into account to decorate with style the rooms of your hotel, the change or transformation that you carry out will be a success and your clients will be delighted to stay there and enjoy the beauty and elegance of all the rooms.