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Riperlamp: Superior quality lighting and furniture

In Riperlamp we have been working for several years in the lighting sector, we have worked with big hotel brands, the restoration sector and even with particulars. All this has helped us to gather the necessary experience to position ourselves among the best companies in the lighting sector, specifically with our products for decorative lighting. A sector in which we continue to specialise more and more every day.

Our company, offers you elements of exterior and interior lighting, perfect to complete the decoration of your establishments. We specialize in lighting for hotels. In Riperlamp you will find the best design lamps in Valencia , what are you waiting for to get what you need?

We are specialists in decorative lighting

In our catalogue you will find everything you need for the decoration of your spaces because we fight every day to not be a simple decorative lighting company, but to be the company you can count on, the place where you will find everything your business needs because, if we don't have it already created, we will create it for you.

We specialize in several fields such as decoration for hotels, restaurants or any space you need to complete with quality elements.

Moreover, if you count on our specialists, you will get the designs you need, because among our great team of professionals we have designers and decorators who know perfectly the latest trends.We have the possibility of making the design of lamps to measure, so tell us what you need and go to decorate your home with the best elements of decorative lighting Riperlamp.

In the catalogue that we have available in our web, you will find several options such as classic table lampsclassic ceiling lamps or classic wall lights , among other lighting accessories. All of them, designed to your measure, so that you can complete all your spaces with the decoration that you like the most.

Get to know our furniture and accessories for hotels

In Riperlamp we have adapted facilities to create the best products . Our factory in Valencia, is the space where all the magic happens that we show you in our catalogue, not only lighting: furniture, mirrors, mechanisms, bathroom accessories, complements and much more.

All the Riperlamp specialists at your disposal

Our great team of professionals will always be at your disposal, ready to make your business needs come true. Contact us to solve your doubts or consult the details you want to know, we will make your lighting projects unique.

Stand out with the decorative lighting for hotels, surprise with the details of decorative lighting for restaurants or leave your guests with their mouths open in your home. Attract all eyes with the best Riperlamp designs!

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