The elegance for your business with the classic lighting style

Close your eyes, violin music plays, the room is full of people and right in the middle of the ceiling hangs an imposing, elegant, striking lamp with crystals and ornaments that take you to the very palace of Versailles.

Open your eyes, get ready for every room in your hotel in your clients' private palace. Find inspiration in the classic lamps of our lighting category. Combine them with the wall lights to complete your rooms with that touch of elegance and distinction you were looking for.

Riperlamp's classic lighting style also offers you other types of accessories, such as portholes or floor lamps, perfect for any space in your business.

The decoration and lighting that your hotel needs

The decoration is an aspect that we usually use to show our business philosophy. It serves us as a door to express ourselves, it is like a blank canvas to which we add brushstrokes of our know-how, with the elements that we carefully select and include.

And on this canvas, there is nothing better to show how our business is, than the lighting, which is responsible for highlighting what we want to stand out in any environment. The most important part of your premises, essential to draw attention to the furniture, to offer the distinguished air you are looking for in your business.

We present you the best combination, the perfect union of the classic decoration style with the lighting that your hotel needs. You will find it in our catalogue, in Riperlamp, we have prepared varied examples that you are going to be able to implement in your spaces to offer the best decoration: the recessed lights, the portholes, the chandeliers, the floor lamps or the wall lights, everything thought so that everything looks in perfect harmony.

A magazine business with Riperlamp

The classic lighting style is perfect for a business with large spaces and elegant furniture. We recommend that you combine it with classic furniture, so that all the elements will come together in perfect harmony in all your rooms. Enjoy decorating your spaces with the elements offered in our catalogue.

If you need help, do not hesitate to consult our experts, a team of professionals in the sector at your disposal, ready to solve any doubts you may have in your business decoration project.

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