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Classic style lamps

In our section of classic style lamps, we offer a selection of high quality lamps suitable for different spaces. One of the advantages of classic lamps is that they adapt perfectly to all styles of decoration and always provide a unique and very special touch of elegance.

It is possible to choose between lamps of different sizes in order to adapt them to very spacious rooms, such as those in open concept homes or large commercial spaces. And smaller sizes, suitable for flats or closed rooms. With a wide range of products, we are sure to have what you need, no matter how particular you are looking for.

Our classic lamps make it easy to create the most beautiful and attractive spaces. We are experts in taking care of the design of our products so that they satisfy the highest levels of demand. That is why many professionals in the decoration sector trust us when it comes to preparing their interior design work.

Classic lamps for home

Classical lamps are essential in any room, even in the most modern ones that are to be given a conventional touch, thanks, for example, to our baroque style lamps that can offer a very special contrast with simple decorative spaces.

With decorative bulbs, with tulips, with plates, fleurons and other styles, our lamps are adapted in the vast majority of cases to the latest LED technologies, allowing us to save on consumption without renouncing the beauty of the design.

The classic style lamps retain all the beauty of the pieces made with the same style as always, but with the necessary modern and current touch, which will be noticed in finishes and materials. Moreover, you can combine them with our compliments, so that all the details are up to date.

Classic lamps for hotels and businesses

Our classic lamps are also suitable for hotels and businesses. Their high quality, their careful designs and their beautiful materials make them suitable even for luxury businesses that want to stand out for their class and personality.

The classic lamps are essential for hotel rooms where the client wants a touch of home, but also a luxury atmosphere that makes them feel that they are living a different and very special experience. If you want to impress your clients we can help you to get the best lamps.

Our XL size lamps will stand out especially in the hotel or company hall, as well as in the big halls for events and meetings, always offering that touch of sophistication that is so appreciated in this type of places.

And to complement them, there is nothing like our range of classic lighting.