Classic ceiling lights

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Classic ceiling lights

The classic style ceiling lights are an ideal lighting and decoration element for places where classic lamps can be too big and other solutions such as recessed lights are not wanted. They combine practicality with beauty and very careful designs, which makes them a great option for the home and also for luxury hotels and businesses.

In other cases, ceiling lights are chosen for their suitability for the type of room in which they are to be located, without being directly related to the height of the ceiling, but rather to the decorative project of the room or the building or home as a whole. Plaster roses are particularly well combined with other types of decorative mouldings that highlight the beauty of the ceiling.

You choose the style to which you want to adapt

Baroque, rococo or classic style, these soffits can be combined very well with the rest of the decorative elements not only of the room, but of the house in general. They are widely used by interior designers to create beauty and a cosy feeling of home. In our catalogue, you will find a large selection of ceiling lights that will make it very easy for you to find what fits in with your decoration plans.

Matching other lighting elements

The classic soffits in our catalogue often combine with other elements so that you can make the combinations you want. You only have to search by name in each section and you will find the products of the same family. You can also combine them with our furniture, so that all the details are in harmony.

In each one of them, you will be able to notice the careful work behind, in which we not only take care of the design of the article, but also of the choice of the best materials to adapt the finishes, the appearance, the quality of the product and even its weight, always achieving the most successful combinations.

As we know how important it can be to have the perfect element, we also carry out personalised and customised work if the client so wishes, thus being able to have unique and exclusive elements, something frequent when talking about luxury hotels that want to have a marked personality, differentiated from the competition.

The ceiling lights bring great personality to any room. We can collaborate with your project advising you about how to achieve the best results with the most inspiring interior design work. Ask us for information without obligation and we will tell you how we can help you.