Classic wall lights

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Classic wall lights

Classic style wall lights are one of the most popular decorative solutions in any environment and in any kind of space, whether at home or in business: hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. We can see them in bathrooms, in corridors, in the entrance or even in  bedrooms. Also we can find them in all styles, combined with baroque style lamps or rococo style. They are a great tool for creating atmospheres and playing with the lighting in commercial spaces.

Wall lights for entrances

The entrance areas either for private homes or for luxury hotels and businesses, is an important place because it is the first impression the visitor gets about that place. And an important part of that impression will come from professional lighting. The wall lights are a good solution to have a well-lit entrance, in which the elements that we want to highlight stand out and which offers the best impression of what is to come. In private homes, wall lights are often combined with mirrors to create a sensation of space in the entrance and make it look brighter and wider. In addition, putting furniture of the same style is a good option to finish the decoration of that space.

Wall lights for corridors

The wall lights for corridors can fulfil different functions. On the one hand, they illuminate this area of passage that sometimes lacks natural light, so the necessary points of light must be carefully taken care of to make it pleasant and safe in its passage. But the wall lights have a second very important function, which is to help highlight the decorative elements that may be present along the corridor. In this way, they are placed strategically, either on both sides of the object to be enhanced or just above it, making it have a really special prominence.

Wall lights for bedrooms

In hotels it is common to find classic wall lights in the bedroom to provide a more intimate style of lighting. We can find wall lights on both sides of the bed or even to illuminate the wall opposite the bed, offering a point of light to be able to go to the bathroom safely during the night. This type of lighting is very useful and at the same time very decorative, which is why many expert interior designers have taken up the concept for private homes. The results are very striking and give the bedroom a really interesting classic look. In our catalogue you will find classic wall lights for bedrooms of all styles, both for private homes and hotels. We can help you choose by offering advice and also proposing another type of lighting to combine it such as classic lanterns.