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Classical Saloon Stand

The classic style floor lamp, also known as a reading lamp, is a must in different environments, not only because of its usefulness but also because of what it contributes to the image of the room.

They are widely used for hotels and luxury businesses for their elegance and sophistication, getting the lounges or the most discreet corners have perfect lighting and a very personal touch. With different styles, the classic lounge feet of our catalogue offers a great variety of options.

A reading corner

The classic living room feet are associated in everyone's mind with two very different images.

On the one hand, the great halls of the English clubs that we could see in the movies and in which there were always people reading the newspaper. This type of atmosphere is reproduced in the hall of many hotels, where there is a reception area and a recreation area where there is no lack of lounge feet to illuminate and create atmosphere.

The second associated image is that of the typical reading or sewing corner in the home. A person concentrating on his work illuminated directly by the light from the lamp foot, in what is a constumbrist scene that is still going on in all homes. These classic living room feet can provide a lot of play not only for everyday use but also for decoration itself.

Combined with the lamps

If you want to get the best out of a classic living room stand, you have to combine it with the ceiling lamp. This way, a harmonious and balanced whole is achieved, working the general image of the room uniformly.

Many interior designers play with this type of combination to give an even more classic appearance to the room or to achieve a plus in elegance. In our catalogue of lighting and furniture, you can choose different living room feet and matching lamps so that you can play with the different combinations and create the atmospheres you are looking for.

We can offer advice and more information on both materials and finishes so that the customer always has an exact idea of what he will find with our products. To make it easier to find a classic living room floor and matching lamps, those that combine the same name in the category are easier to find.