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Classic table lamps

We present our selection of classic table lamps, an essential element in any decoration and which have a variety of different uses. We find them in bedside tables and desks, but we can also see them in side tables or on consoles.

We have a wide variety of models with screens and lampshades, made of high quality brass combined with other materials such as glass or alabaster. You can also find in our catalogue classic desk lamps, small jewels that can still be found as part of the lighting of very select businesses.

Our classic desk lamps can be part of some of our classic lighting families but they can be used individually or combined with other types of lamps.

Perfect table lamps for hotels

If there is one place where it is easy to imagine our table lamps it is as part of hotel lighting. On the bedside tables of the most stylish rooms, our lamps become the ideal complement and a statement of good taste.

One of our most luxurious lamps is the Prestige Alabaster, a lamp with a strong personality that will make a difference in any room. Models such as the Danube shine with their own light in both a classic and a contemporary style room and give the room many points in the design.

Stylish business lighting

Our desk lamps are ideal for elegant business desks. They provide that classic and tasteful touch that will create the best impression on clients. Indispensable for tables of lawyers and other professionals who want to convey the best impression to their clients with their business lighting.

The elegance of the Fermín model is a good example of what we are talking about, with beautiful work in some of its areas but at the same time discreet. It is available in its medium version and also in the high version so that it can fit any style of table.

Although they are classic lighting pieces, they are adapted for LED lamps, thus ensuring maximum comfort and preventing them from becoming a source of heat within the work space. Our classic combination table lamps belong to our classic lighting section, as do our ceiling lamps or wall lights, which can be combined with each other to create all kinds of atmospheres.